Monday, March 12, 2012

Creamy Chicken Noodle soup and French Bread

The soup:

Defrost broth/veggie mixture. Place in soup pan and bring to a boil. It will only need to boil for a few minutes, the veggies are almost done.

Cook noodles in a seperate pan, drain and combine with Broth/veggies.

Add 2 cans cream of chicken soup and 1 16 oz sour cream. Heat until warm.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Serve with French Bread.

The Bread:

Take out of freezer the morning you are going to use. Unwrap and place on pan. Mix 1 egg white with 1 T of water and whisk until foamy. Brush French bread dough all over with mixture. Cut diag slits around 1/4 depth on top of French Bread. Cover with greased plastic wrap and let rise all day until double. Bake at 375 degrees for 22-25 minutes until golden brown. (It is half Whole wheat)


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